Shopping for that perfect gift? Have an Apple fan in the house? Have you considered an Apple Watch? 

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Staying connected is so important and an Apple Watch is the perfect way to keep in touch without constantly being on your phone.

Apples watches are a line of smartwatches which connects to your iPhone (yes, you have to have an iPhone) and allows you to access a multitude of functions with the flick of a wrist. 

Utilizing a technology called haptics, which uses your sense of touch as an alert, an Apple watch will let you know if you have an incoming call, text message and even emails! 

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Other features (as of the most recent Apple Watch series 6 release) include:

  • Blood Oxygen Sensor
    • Detects blood oxygen levels through the wrist
    • Takes manual readings in 15 seconds
    • Provides periodic background readings
  • Sleep Tracker
    • Create multiple schedules
    • Sleep goal monitoring
    • Uses motion to detect sleep when it is in sleep mode and worn to bed
  • ECG
    • Allows for recording of an electrocardiogram
  • Activity App
    • Check progress throughout the day
    • Goal notification
    • Link friends to see their progress
  • Water Resistant to 50 meters
    • May be used for shallow water activities including swimming
  • Fall Detector
    • Uses accelerometer and gyroscope technology to detect falls and alert emergency services
  • Emergency Quick Call
    • Quick access to call emergency services
  • Music Streaming
    • Play, pause and skip songs with ease
  • Apple Pay
    • Set up a credit or debit card then tap and pay!
  • GPS
    • Be alerted to upcoming turns and directions with visuals and haptics

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    The Apple Watch Series 6 has an updated processing chip which performs 20% faster than the previous generation. The Series 6 also has a display that is 2.5 times brighter than the Series 5. 

    They are available in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm and the Series 6 starts at $399.

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    Also new to the Series 6 is a blue aluminum body, as well as gold stainless steel, graphite stainless steel and Apple Watch PRODUCT(RED).

    The Apple watch display is highly customizable and the new Series 6 adds quite a few new faces including Tachymeter, MeMoji, Pride Stripes, team colors and many more!


    WatchOS  (the operating system which runs your watch) is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and up and has an exciting list of new features including:

    • Apple Fitness+
      • Apple Watch home workout program
    • Wind Down
      • Helps establish bedtime routines
    • Sleep Mode
      • Sleep Tracking
      • Yellow tint to ease blue light exposure
    • Wake Alarm
      • soft sounds or haptics
      • Provides a weather report
      • Battery life notification
    • Hand Washing Detection
      • Listens for the sound of running water then sets a 20 second timer
    • Family Setup
      • Allows children or older adults to set up an Apple Watch without an iPhone
      • Parental Controls
      • School time Mode 
    • Updated Maps
      • Cyclists route
      • Search along route
    • Updated Siri
      • Spoken Translations in 10 languages
      • Dictation done on device
    • Hearing Protections
      • Weekly Listening notifications
      • Automatic loud sound reduction option
      • Ability to set max headphone volume

    And the best part... show off your style with changeable BANDS! Fancy Bands provides a way to customize the look of your watch to match your personality, holidays or your wardrobe! 

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